Steering & Suspension


When your fleet vehicle does not steer correctly, it can make driving more difficult and dangerous. It will negatively affect the tires, creating irregular wear, and reducing the life of the tires. The steering and suspension must be maintained to maximize tire life and driver safety.

Axle Alignments

What are the symptoms of a vehicle with incorrect alignment?

Have your vehicle checked if you notice:

How often should I have my axles aligned?

We recommend a complete vehicle (all axle) alignment annually, and an additional front axle alignment at the 6 month interval. 

The importance of Total Alignment:

Air Suspension

Air suspension allows your vehicle to move safely and comfortable. The additional support offered by air suspension kits works in tandem with other suspension components, providing a stable and safe ride. If your air suspension system needs to be serviced, bring your vehicle to EagleSpan Corporation, where our expert team can make sure you are back on the road quickly.

King Pins, Tie Rod & Tie Rods

King Pins are the main pivot point in the steering mechanism of commercial vehicles. The King Pins must be regularly lubricated to prevent premature wear of the King Pin Bushings. The Tie Rod in conjunction with the Tie Rod Ends transfer the input motion of the steering wheel to the front axle wheel assemblies. They also require regular lubrication to prevent premature wear of the Tie Rod Ends. The Toe Angle is adjusted by moving the Tie Rod either clockwise or counterclockwise during the front axle alignment to set the vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications. This will prevent irregular tire wear, greatly increasing the life of the tires. 

Springs, Bushings, & Shocks

Leaf springs support the weight of the chassis, making them ideal for commercial vehicles. They work in conjunction with the Shock Absorber to control axle damping. The Springs are mounted to the vehicle frame via a shackle and bushing system allowing the axle to be aligned. The Spring Bushing are a wear component that will need periodic replacement to maintain the vehicle alignment. 


Proper maintenance of your fleet vehicle’s steering and suspension components not only improve driving but can ensure that other parts of the vehicle are not negatively affected. If your fleet vehicle is not driving as smoothly as it should, set up an appointment with the experts at EagleSpan Corporation. Our team will inspect the vehicle and repair any problems to make sure it is operating at it’s peak performance.